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Don’t let your interior design fail from doing too much on your own

Finishes selection

Having ideas about the materials and fittings for your kitchen bathroom or living space is a great start. Turning those ideas into a reality that works across an entire house or apartment is a whole other story. A story you don’t want to have an unhappy ending.

You want to feel excited, relaxed and secure knowing that you're getting the best combination of serviceability and looks in every part of your home. Don’t you?

Using our Finishes and Fittings Selection Service early in your renovation or building project will help you avoid years of niggling regret from bad decisions made in isolation or under pressure. Our skilled design eye takes the stress out of the selection process and ensures a consistent flow, inside and out,. You can be confident your home will surpass the average and every detail will keep you smiling.

Relax by putting our Finishes and Fittings Selection Service to work

Fittings selection

Trying to face the process of selecting your finishes on your own, or with the well-meaning advice of shop assistants and inexperienced friends or family, can be a fast track to frustration and doubt.

Even if you aren’t using our Design and Drawings serviceDesign and Drawings service for the best design and layout of your new bathroom or kitchen, we will ensure there is a seamless flow between the design, materials, fittings and finishes.

We carefully note all your preferences for function, style, colours and price range during an in-depth design brief consultation. Then our designers get to work selecting the finishes (tiles, timber etc.) fittings (handles etc.) and fixtures (bench tops, sinks, taps, lights etc).

Your roadmap to perfect finishes is our schedule


Our Finishes Selection Service includes a 90-minute in-home* presentation where we walk you through the selections and samples, and answer any questions you have. You keep all the product samples and the schedule detailing every item Sterling Interior Design has selected.

The schedule includes supplier details and prices giving you everything you need to do the buying yourself, or you can simply hand the schedule to your trade teams.

Call Alex on 0423 468 865 or email email for a customised quote on our Finishes and Fittings Selection Service.

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