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Solve that bad storage and design issue


If your kitchen, bathroom or laundry lacks storage or is just a pain to use and clean, what you've got is a design black spot. Most Brisbane homes have at least one.

Freeing yourself from your particular black spot will lead to a more relaxed you and greater enjoyment of your home.

If your design bug bear has been annoying you for a while you may know exactly what you'd like fixed. But you may not know the right person to help you fix it. Most likely you don’t have the spare time or energy to to sort it out yourself or you may be worried you’ll create new issues.

Kitchen or bathroom companies can help to a certain degree but it’s important to remember that their primary interest is in the sale, not the design of your home as a whole. Sterling Interior Design is the opposite. We are only interested in how to make a timeless design that fits your needs and the rest of your property perfectly.

Get the right solution for your design issue


It’s tempting to jump straight into design solutions but the best way to sort out your particular design black spot is by talking through the problems and their effects on your life. Sterling Interiors Design and Drawings Service begins with an in depth consultation conducted by a qualified Brisbane interior designer.

Once we understand the challenges you’re facing in your home office, kitchen, media or storage cabinetry we can design a solution. Your designer will then present your design in easy to read plans, created specifically for you and your space.

Designand drawings

When you use Sterling Interior Design's services, you own your design and drawings outright. That means you're free to choose who does the work, empowering you to compare like for like quotes.

Practical, cost effective and timeless design solutions for your entertainment, storage, kitchen or bathroom are now just one step away.

Call Alex on 0423 468 865 or email email to find out how our design and drawing services can help you

Be certain your new design blends with other planned or existing elements in your home by combining the Design and Drawings Service with Sterling Interiors Finishes and Fittings Selection ServiceFinishes and Fittings Selection Service.

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