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Swap a colour crisis or wallpaper worries for a smile

wallpaper consultation

Knowing what you like or want is one thing. But turning your ideas into a perfect colour scheme can be trickier than you think. With so many colour and wallpaper options, it’s easy to make choices that aren’t quite right and that’s annoying to live with or costly to fix.

The right colours or wallpapers can bring your home to life in ways you’d never imagined. Setting a fresh, new inviting mood that brings a sense of wellbeing and belonging is the kind of result you want to welcome you every day.

There’s so much more to consider than just finding a colour or wallpaper you love. It’s about feeling confident your new choices will blend with existing elements like the roof or carpets. That can be a lot to face on your own and it’s enough to make your head cave in if there are too many well-meaning but unqualified opinions from friends or family. It’s no wonder so many people get stuck.

No matter what your hiccup is, a professional interior designer and experienced colour consultant can expertly guide you through the possibilities of paint colour or wallpaper. It means less stress in the short term, and a better return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

To get started, check out the different services and costs to find one that suits your needs then call Alex on 0423 468 865 to book your colour consultation time.

Our Paint Colour Consultant makes colour make sense

Colour consult

You bring your ideas; we’ll bring the Dulux Colour Atlas.

We come to you for a 60minute paint colour consultation anywhere within 15km of the Brisbane CBD. From the front fence to the back bedroom, we’ve got a way of making colour make sense.

After your consultation, your colour consultant will mail out your colour specification pack. That’s all the details you, or your painters, will need to get on with the job. There aren’t just postage stamp size colour patches either – we include large A4 sheets of all your chosen colours, plus nifty tips about how to get 100% confident about your look before you paint.

Paint colour consultation: $245 (incl GST) for either an interior or exterior colour scheme, or $395 for both (incl GST).

View our Brisbane colour schemes portfolio to see some of our recent colour work.View our Brisbane colour schemes portfolio to see some of our recent colour work.

Our Wallpaper Consultant will help you make the right statement

Wallpaper ain’t what it used to be! Today, wallpaper ranges from subtle timeless textures, through to dynamic patterns and inspiring colour combinations. Wallpaper can transform your interior space like nothing else.

Our experienced wallpaper consultants will help you with selection, specification, and sampling of high quality wallpapers. And you can skip the DIY disasters. We’ll put you in touch with Brisbane’s best wallpaper-hanging dynamo, who just happens to be a professional perfectionist!

Wallpaper consultation: $245 (incl GST)

Our Colour Placement Plans keeps your vision straight

Colour consultation

If your home decorating will be a little more intricate than most, or if your house is yet to be built, then precision is extra important. You don’t want any part of interior design to be ‘lost in translation’.

Our Colour Placement Plan documents your chosen colours and wallpapers in their exact locations clearly indicated on digital images or plans of your property. This service removes the chance of errors by the painting contractors – more reassuring for you and for them!

Paint/Wallpaper Placement Plan: $100 (incl GST) for interior or exterior

Want a bit of extra help around the house?

Why not do it while you already have the undivided attention a top Brisbane interior designer?

Tap in to Alex’s knowledge and experience to brainstorm any aspect of the design and decoration process and get practical answers to your specific questions.

Personal Design Consultation: $150/hour

To book any of these personal consultations simply email email or call 0423 468 865.

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*Travel to and from locations beyond 15km of Brisbane's GPO incur a travel fee of $1.90 per km. View the inclusive travel zone inclusive travel zone.