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At Sterling Interior Design we understand that you are looking for great design ideas and real value from a practical design team.

If you think you'd like some help but aren't sure or if you haven't worked with an interior designer before, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

If you have further questions we would be delighted to answer them for you. To send an email click here. To send an email click here.

What’s the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Interior designInterior designers are responsible for designing the layout of the space you live in. This requires a thorough understanding of construction and space planning. This knowledge is backed by formal study and qualifications.

Interior designers also work with the finishes, fittings and fixtures within a room or dwelling. This covers materials such as flooring, cabinetry, lighting, tap ware etc

Interior designers and interior decorators both work with the decorative elements of a space. These cover areas like paint colours, furniture, window treatments and decorative accessories.


When should I call a professional interior designer?

If you are thinking about making any changes to the way you use your home or need a new décor style, consulting with a professional Brisbane interior designer or decorator before you start will benefit you and your project. Their trained eye will see the options and opportunities you may overlook.

An In Home Consultation or New Home Builders consultation is an ideal way to make the most of your time, effort and budget - even if you plan to do the work yourself. Click here to find out more. Click here to find out more.

What should I do before I contact an interior designer?

Collect a few pictures from magazines or the internet that capture the look, style or colours that you like. Present the pictures to your designer during your initial consultation. Images are a great way to communicate and will help an interior designer to clearly understand your ideas. 

What information will the interior designer ask me for?

Your interior designer will ask you a few core questions as part of your initial brief.

  • How big is the project - the whole house, a room, a major renovation, minor adjustments?
  • What is the purpose of your project? Style update, new renovation or extension or preparation for sale?
  • Are there elements of your current interior you are planning to keep e.g: carpet, paint, furniture pieces or art?
  • Is there a particular atmosphere you would like to create? Formal, casual or appealing for potential property purchasers?
  • Have you worked with an interior designer before? What did you like/dislike about that experience?
  • What is your budget and estimated timeframe for completion?

What will my project cost?

If you have a budget or a general idea of how much money you want to spend on your project, let your designer know what this is in the beginning.  Providing a budget means that your design can be tailored suit your budget.

When you are considering a full renovation or refubishment project its important to know the logistics and costs before you start. 

Having an interior designer manage your project means you will be fully informed about the costs of a project before it starts. Its covered in our Renovation with Project Management service Click here to find out more. Click here to find out more.

Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?

Often furniture can be as challenging as any other part of the design or decoration process. With the help of an interior designer you can avoid expensive mistakes while gaining a more sohpisticated, personalised look than you might achieve on your own.

Our Furnishing Selection Service is tailored to your means and ensures there are only happy surprises at the end of your funishing project. Click here to find out more. Click here to find out more.

How do I choose an interior designer to work with?

Take some time to browse through various interior designer’s websites. Some designers have a specific look and dont stray far from that. Others will let design fashions orientate their look. A few will have an evolving style allowing for trends with out catering to fashion.

To find which designers style appeals to you look at their portfolio. 

Even if the look or colors are not your taste, take in to account how well the scheme works over all. When you first contatct your prefered designer don’t be afraid about specific projects youve seen in their portfolio and ask what the clients brief or budget was or if existing elements had to be retained.

To look at our Brisbane interior design and decoration projects Click here Click here.

What if an interior designer suggests a style I don’t like?

During your initial consultation a professional designer will take a through brief from you. A brief is information about your property, the people who live in it, your life-style, special needs as well as your desires relating to colour and style.

The suggestions or concept from a designer should closely reflect the brief. Be prepared for your design or decoration to be different to what you would choose yourself - within reason this is why you've opted to engage a designer.

Give yourself time to get to know your new design or look. Then if you are not happy with an aspect of the design discuss this so your designer can let you know what the optoins are. 

What if I don't want trendy fashion or traditional colours?

Paint or wallpaper colours should be in accordance with the likes and dislikes you conveyed during your colour consultation.

Its important to know you are selecting an independent, experienced colour consultant so you can be confident you are getting unbiased advice. For more about colour and wallpaper consultation Click here Click here

Our aim is always to produce harmonious interior and exterior colour schemes that surpass fashion and provide lasting style, suited to each unique Brisbane home. To see examples of Brisbane colour schemes Click here Click here.

Is Alex Honey a certified interior designer?

Yes, following 10 years of industry experience Alex completed her interior design qualifications (Cert IV Interior Technology) in 2005.


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